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Museums without the web?(4)
         the future of museums, an example(1) (2001-12-12, picUwe Strauch, Germany)
         untitled(0) (2001-12-19)
         no title!(0) (2001-12-27, Marcus Dreischer, Germany)
         www is great for every museum(0) (2002-11-01, volker weimer, Germany)
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no title!
(2001-12-27, Marcus Dreischer)

Hi Mr. Strauch!

I totally agree with your statement! How could a museums-database like this ever preplace the experience of seing wonderful relicts on-the-spot in front of your eyes? It canīt! On the contrary it can help you to find first informations about several museums you are interested in!
Is there anybody out there who would say that a phone-register replaces the people behind the numbers?

Congratulations for the new layout and the many new features that are available now!

Till then, best regards

Marcus Dreischer


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