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What is in the future more important: The art object or the entertainment(2)
         Perhaps both ?(0) (2002-11-01, volker weimer, Germany)
         MUSEUM : MIRROR(0) (2003-08-12, Joacquin Antonio Lumbera-Soltero, Philippines)
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(2003-08-12, Joacquin Antonio Lumbera-Soltero)

It must be taken into consideration that it is the viewing public that creates the history for those which has been inside a museum. The museum must reflect what its people has been living.

Nowadays, museum curators/administrators must know how to get people going to the museum. then, they must know how to keep the people. As the museums aims to educate the viewers, its the curators' resp[onsibility to take extra effort to keep the people. A longer time is needed for somebody to learn. The audience must find itself on what they see...

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