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Museum Schloss Neuenburg
Title Schloss Neuenburg
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Author Thomas Tempel, Freyburg (Unstrut), Germany
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Neuenburg Castle

Just 8 km north-west of Naumburg, the legendary Neuenburg Castle rises above the River Unstrut and the wine-growing town of Freyburg. The castle, which was the largest built by the "Landgraves" (counts) of Thuringia, was founded in 1090 by "Ludwig der Springer". The view from the Romanesque keep, which is situated on the impressive spur of a hill, reaches deep into the cultural landscape of the Unstrut Valley.

Distinguished guests, such as the Emperor Barbarossa were received at Neuenburg Castle.
The poet and lyrical singer, Heinrich von Veldeke, wrote the first courtly, lyrical epic poems here under the order of Hermann, who as Count Palantine of Saxony made Neuenburg Castle the centre of his rule until 1190.
The magnificent two-tiered chapel, the Romanesque keep with its courtyard and the 12th century toilet system at the bailey all testify to the princely expectations of the Thuringian counts and the high standard of living they enjoyed in the Romanesque era.
Following the War of Succession in Thuringia (1247-1262), Neuenburg Castle and Freyburg fell into the hands of the "Margraves" of Meissen and remained in possession of the noble Wettiner Family for several centuries. In the Baroque period, the castle was converted into a residential castle and hunting lodge for the Princes of Saxony.

Today, Neuenburg Castle is an important stopping point on the so-called "Romanesque Road" which runs through the country of Saxony-Anhalt. In order to establish a link between the present and the mediaeval, courtly culture of the time of the "Landgraves", a mediaeval music festival takes place in the castle every year. A wealth of impressive exhibitions portray the history of the castle, which has been in the possession of the organisation "Stiftung dome und Schloesser des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt".

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