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Jussi Björling (1911-1960)
The greatest tenor of his time

Jussi Björling was born in Borlänge, Stora Tuna parish, in February 1911. His father David taught him and his brothers singing when they were just little boys and toured with them in Sweden and USA. Jussi Björling made his opera debut in 1930 in Stockholm where, in the following years, he sang about fifty roles. In 1938, his international career took him to the Metropolitan Opera i New York, where he soon became one of the most celebrated artists. Björling also made extensive opera and concert tours in North America. In Sweden, his popularity was unrivalled. He also sang frequently in the neighbouring countries and in Britain. In Italy, he made three guest appearances. Jussi Björling died on 9 September 1960 at his summer house on Siarö in the Stockholm archipelago and lies buried in the Stora Tuna churchyard outside Borlänge. Jussi Björling is widely regarded as the greatest tenor of his time, famous primarily for his performance of a number of Italian and French opera roles. He was also very active as a concert singer, including Scandinavian and German songs in his repertoire. Through his many gramophone recordings, he continues to fashinate music listeners all over the world and to serve as a model for singers today.

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