Complexul Muzeal de Stiintele Naturii Bacau
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“Ion Borcea” Memorial House, Racova, Bacau, Romania
“Ion Borcea” Memorial House, Racova, Bacau

“Ion Borcea” Memorial House is situated in Racova Village, Bacău District. The scientist Ion Borcea (1879-1937) dedicated his life to the knowledge of marine ecosistem and he is the founder of romanian oceanology. The exhibition includes aspects concerning his life and work ilustrated with pictures, preserved exhibits and authentical pieces furniture. Ion Borcea (1879-1937) consecrated his life to the study of marine ecosystems, being, in the same time, the founder of Romanian oceanography and of the Marine Researches Station from Agigea. The exhibition describes aspects of scientist’s life and activity pictured with photos from his life period and original furniture and artifacts.

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