Complexul Muzeal de Stiintele Naturii Bacau
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prof. dr. Neculai Barabas
General manager - Natural Sciences Museum

Curriculum vitae “Ion Borcea” Natural Sciences Museum Complex Bacau - researcher, Museum of Natural Sciences “Ion Borcea” Bacău – ROMANIA, Scientific Department, Cultural Manifestations, Exhibitions; Parcul Cancicov, OP.1, CP.102, Bacau e-mail:; Scientific field: • biology / botany / geobotany; * Doctor in biology (Bucharest University - 1978 - botany and geobotany “Research concerning the vegetation from Tazlau basin (Bacau county)”; * reader at Bacau University - 1990 * lecturer at Bacau University - 1991-1996 * proffesor at Bacau University - 1996-2006; since 1989 general manager - Natural Sciences Museum;

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