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A Special Cycladic Figure
Marble Figurine of a Seated Man, c. 2800-2300 BC.

The majority of Cycladic Figurines show women, nude with the arms folded over the belly. We do not know whether they were meant to show mortals or deities, or even whether the Islanders venerated a number of deities, like the later-period Greeks, or simply worshipped one 'Mother Goddess'. In this case, the figurines may have been conceived as representations of the Goddess, or companions to her. As the 3rd millennium progressed, however, male figurines made their appearance. These are often shown performing a specific social role, they are hunters, or warriors, or musicians. The seated man 'proposing a toast', one of the Collection's key exhibits, is shown seated on a stool raising a cup with his right hand. Is he meant to be drinking or acting in a ritual?

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