Burg Altena, Germany
Stiftsmuseum Aschaffenburg
     F L O O R   P L A N S     
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Floorplan of the Stiftsmuseum
General plan

Second Floor 10 Convent prison "Torture chamber" 11 Gothic room 12 Convent archive "Treasure chamber" 13 "Canons room" 14 New chapter room 15 Religious Folkart 16 "Baroque room" 17 "Cloister gallery" 18 "Himmelthal room" 19 "Picture gallery" First Floor 2 Roman history 3 Late antique period and migration period 4 Early medieval period 5 History of the convent 6 Stuccoed room, clerical vestments 7 Vaulted room 8 Old chapter room "Bell room" 9 Convent court Ground Floor 1 Stauff cellar (Wine cellar)

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