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Stiftsmuseum Aschaffenburg
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Floorplan of the Stiftsmuseum
Second floor

10 Convent prison "Torture chamber": Instruments of torture and punishment 11 Gothic room: Altars and sculptures from the romanic and gothic period 12 Convent archive "Treasure chamber": Aschaffenburg game board, reliquiaries, monstrances, chalices from Aschaffenburg churches 13 "Canons room": Idealised reconstruction of a canons room from 1930 14 New chapter room: With original furnishing from 1620 15 Religious Folkart: Glass pictures and wax sculptures 16 "Baroque room": Sculptures, devotional art and furniture of the baroque period, altar of the chapel of St. Catharines hospital 17 "Cloister gallery": Minor exhibitions 18 "Himmelthal room": Artefacts from the nunneries Himmelthal and Schmerlenbach, sculptures of Wermerskirch, model of the Erthal epithaph in the convent church 19 "Picture gallery": Pictures from the renaissance period, Aschaffenburg panel

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