Galerie In Vorm
Hasselt, Belgium

ARTIST Mr. Albert Verkade
Born 1945, Schiedam, Netherlands

Albert Verkade

The antithesis unbounded limited and the duality in a directive movement expressed by an arrow that itself never leaves, appear in 1999 and 2000 in two unexpected and surprising images. In the first, A wing to chase angels, 1999 the arrow has been transformed into a three-metre wing in pale greyish-blue metal. The image is as motionless as it is vulnerable. The associations the work calls up are in line with his previous works. The result of the change is in a different way of considering relations that have consequences for proportion and form. In proportion the second one, Soul boat for the 21st century, exceeds. With its six-metre length this perfectly finished boat, after the example of the Asmat, sails into the four directions of the infinity of a new era. It is a bottomless boat packed with metaphorical language, which is carried along on the stream of immaterial matter.

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