Studio glass of the 20th century - The Foest Collection

Erwin Eisch, without title
Erwin Eisch, without title

Opening: Saturday, September 17th 2005, 4 pm

The collection of the architect and sculptor Eberhard Foest and his family (Leverkusen) contains ca. 200 objects by internationally known glass artist the likes of Erwin Eisch, Harvey Littleton, Marvin Lipofsky, Stanislaw Borowski, Theodor Sellner, Pawel Molnar, Louis Leloup and Otmar Alt.

The studio glass movement of the 2nd half of the 20th century began in the 1960s. Artist such as Erwin Eisch in Germany, Harvey Littleton in the US and one of his first students from the University of Wisconsin in Madison Marvin Lipofsky made this new, sculptural and playful use of glass known throughout the world.

Especially the US, Japan, Sweden, Czechia, Australia and the UK have a vivid studio glass scene at this moment.

The mouth-blown, engraved, ground and kiln-formed sculptures impress the viewer with poetry and a great variety in three-dimensional glass. The artistic vision is here the most important thing.

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