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Some Events of Ours: Online Publications

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Here you can see a few Russian-language online publications, introducing some 2010 events of ours:

"Ode to Samarkand" sounds in various languages (Poetry evening of poetess Irina Alekseeva from Moscow)

The World Has Not Forgotten The Tragedy of the Japanese Cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

An article "Mirzo Ulughbek, Great King of Astronomy" was published in Esperanto in July/ 2010 issue of the international magazine "Monato" (Belgium)

Another Peace Symbol in Uzbekistan (Peace Pole planting in Samarkand)

Poetic Bridge Between Cultures and Peoples (Artistic Poetry Evening "Samarkand - A Muse of Poets")

In December 2010 we celebrated a Zamenhof Day commemorating L.L. Zamenhof, prominent Polish humanist, iniciator of Esperanto and peacemaker:

Our new supplementary website (under contruction):

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