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Many generations have seen the well-known fairytale of Princess Goldilocks in a puppet theatre. When, in 1952, K. J. Erben´s story appeared in its verse adaptation by Josef Kainar (střed by the Ústřední loutkové divadlo – Central Puppet Theatre in Prague), it was considered fulfilment of the endeavours to create an originál poetical puppet play. Since then, Goldilocks, sometimes as an adaption, has been played by many amatér as well as professional puppets theatres and is still being střed nowadays. Apart from this vision of Goldilocks, we have also come Gross the 1972 version written by Farntišek Pavlíček (in the Communist era known as Alena Břízová) called Goldilocks of Chlumec. This exhibition shows some of puppets and materials used in a number of střed versions of Princess Goldilocks

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