From a Puppeteer’s Caravan (“pakovák”)


The exhibition presents a part of the inventory of one single wandering puppet theatre from Southern Bohemia (unfortunately, the owner is unknown), which was in operation for several generations. Its main attraction are marionettes made by a number of foremost Bohemian carvers (Adámek, Allesi, Kopp) , some other professional anonymous carvings as well as some naive-art carved figures. Some of the repainting and retouching work on the puppets demonstrates the usual practice of the younger generations of puppeteers, just as do the altered and the added costumes. The collection also includes stage decorations painted on canvas (backcloth and sides), most likely made by Jindřich Boška from Vlachovo Březí. The special term “pakovák“, borrowed for this exhibition, was used by wandering puppeteers fot their caravan in which they carried all their theatre equipment.

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