Stage designer Jana Pogorielová-Dušová


She has devoted her life (*1938) to making stage designs. She helped to found the Bábkové (Puppet) Theatre in Košice but you would come across her work in all the puppet theatres throughout Slovakia. She has also collaborated with theatres in many other countries. She has also worked to a great extent for the Slovak television – studios in Košice and Bratislava. Apart from this, she has also been involved in providing consistent training to amateur puppeteers, has given courses and lectures on stage design. Since 1993 she has been making puppets together with her husband Anton Duša in their own company. For their technical and creative mastership they are both recognised at home as well as in other countries. Jana lives in Banská Bystrica and in 2004 she received an award from the Lord Mayor for her unique creative and artistic success in European puppetry.

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