Burg Altena, Germany

The world on the fingers of one and both hands


You can find glove puppets even as far back as times before Christ. They were already known to Mayo rulers in South America, or later, to ladies and knights in the Middle Ages, the audience in the Elizabethan theatre or spectators in markets, as well as castles, chateaux or burghers’ parlours in Europe. The apparent simplicity and swiftness of glove puppets and their ability to caricature various aspects of people’s nature guaranteed their success with the audience. They have always been good at entertaining people and making them laugh. For a long time, glove-puppet theatre was taken as a fallen genre. Despite of this, Punch and Judy in England, Guignol in France, Pulcinella in Italy, Petrushka in Russia and, naturally, Kašpárek (Casper) in our country have always been a source of entertainment – along with a great range of other glove-puppet heroes – to children as well as adults all over the world.

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