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SUPER Visions - Draw and be

With works by David Shrigley, Matthias Böhler and Christian Orendt, who do joint projects, Heiner Franzen, Petrit Halilaj and Eva von Platen the Museum Schloss Moyland will present current artistic positions which all focus on the medium drawing.
The artists fabricate their own worlds on paper as witty narrations, which are then further developed in space as sculptures or installations. For all the artists involved, drawing primarily serves as a means to explore their own thought processes. By combining different media, they expand the imaginative space beyond the confines of the drawings, thus creating spaces to investigate and experience. All share a humorous view of life as well as a love for the irrational and absurd. Some of the drawings, sculptures and installations are being produced expressly for the Museum Schloss Moyland.

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