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Adler & Conkright Fine Art/Rachel Adler Fine Art
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New York, NY 10021 United States
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Holder Rachel Adler, Charles Conkright
Contact Person Rachel Adler, Charles Conkright, Susan Dague
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Specializing in European modernist paintings, sculpture and works on paper from the early 20th century focusing on avant garde movements of the Teens, Twenties and Thirties. Among the movements represented are Arte Madi/Arte Concreto, Bauhaus, Constructivism, Cubism, Dada, Italian Futurism, Geometric Abstraction, Purism and Suprematism.
Founded 1978

Founded in 1978, Rachel Adler Fine Art specializes in early 20th century European Modern and Avant-Garde paintings, sculpture, drawings and collage. We have been private dealers since 1997.

As a public gallery, we developed a strong reputation for mounting scholarly exhibitions devoted to such important historical movements as Cercle et Carre, Dada, Italian Futurism, Russian Avant-Garde, Arte Madi/Arte Concreto as well as examining other lesser known international movements such as Austrian Kineticism and the Cologne Progressives. We have held individual exhibitions of Alexander Archipenko, Erwin Blumenfeld, Carlo Carra, Jean Helion, Erika Giovanna Klien, Francis Picabia, Alejandro Xul Solar and Kirill Zdanevich.

Our colleagues and clients know and respect our expertise and knowledge in this area of modern art as well as our understanding of the marketplace. We have placed works in the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven), The Art Institute of Chicago, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, IVAM (Valencia), National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) and the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and other institutions. We work very closely with private collectors in Europe, Latin and Central America, Australia and North America. We also advise in the formation of 20th century historical collections.

As members of the Art Dealers Association of America, an organization which promotes "the highest standards of connoisseurship, scholarship and ethical practice within the profession". We regularly participate in the annual Art Show and other art fairs.

Artists Represented

Josef Albers
Natan Altman
Boris Anisfeld
Yuri Annenkov
Alexander Archipenko
Carmelo Arden-Quin
Jean Arp
Giacomo Balla
Rudolf Bauer
Erwin Blumenfeld
Umberto Boccioni
Carl Buchheister
Erich Bucholz
Alexander Calder
Francesco Cangiullo
Gino Cantarelli
Carlo Carra
Marc Chagall
Jean Crotti
Robert Delaunay
Sonia Delaunay
Franz Erlich
Nora Exner
Alexandra Exter
Lyonel Feininger
Trude Fischl
Pierre-Louis Flouquet
Otto Freundlich
Naum Gabo
Albert Gleizes
Julio Gonzalez
Natalia Goncharova
George Grosz
Jean Helion
Barbara Hepworth
Auguste Herbin
Alfredo Hlito
Hannah Hoch
Adolf Hoffmeister
Vilmos Huszar
Paul Joostens
Wassily Kandinsky
Lajos Kassak
Paul Klee
Erika Giovanna Klien
Nikolai Kolli
Frantisek Kupka
Mikhail Larionov
Henri Laurens
Le Corbusier
Fernand Leger
Jacques Lipchitz
El Lazar Lissitzky
Aristide Maillol
Tomas Maldonado
Man Ray
Virgilio Marchi
Fillippo T. Marinetti
Henri Matisse
Roberto Matta
Juan Mele
Robert Michel
Joan Miro
Amedeo Modigliani
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Henry Moore
Kolo Moser
Nello Novo
Amedee Ozenfant
Francis Picabia
Pablo Picasso
Liubov Popova
Alexander Rodchenko
Karl Peter Rohl
Olga Rosanova
Rhod Rothfuss
Oskar Schlemmer
Lothar Schreyer
Kurt Schwitters
Gino Severini
Wladyslaw Strzeminski
Nikolai Suetin
Vladimir Tatlin
Sophie Taueber-Arp
Solomon Telingater
George Adams Teltcher
Pavel Tchelitchew
Joaquin Torres-Garcia
Marianne Ullmann
Georges Valmier
Georges Vantongerloo
Alexander Vesnin
Konstantin Vialov
Otto Erich Wagner
Alejandro Xul Solar
Bruno Zuckerman

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