Galerie In Vorm
Hasselt, Belgium

Galerie In Vorm
Oppenstraat 73

Hasselt, 3512 Belgium
Phone +32 (0)473 560 272 , Fax -

Hours Satuday and Sunday 14.00 - 18.00 hours and by appointment. Art&Breakfast available. Contact Ineke Voorsteegh
Holder Ineke Voorsteegh
Contact Person Ineke Voorsteegh
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Galerie In Vorm

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31.10.2009 Thinking about time - Josephine Sloet painting, work on paper, photography and sculpture

At 7 km from the centre of the Belgian city Hasselt 'The city of taste', in the countryside lies this quadrangle farm. It is being transformed into a spacious gallery. The owner, Ineke Voorsteegh has moved from Dordrecht, The Netherlands, to this spot to be in the Eurregion and easy reached from Antwerp, Brussels, Liège, Aachen and Maastricht.

You also may want to extend your visit by making use of the Art & Breakfast possibility.

As Art Historian and curator education and modern art, Ineke Voorsteegh represents in Gallery In Vorm works of art from Yung-Chang Chung, Richard van den Dool, Hans Kop Jansen, Michael Markwick, Jan van Munster, Peter Royen, Denis Schneider, Josephine Sloet, Gerard Verdijk, Albert Verkade, Mark Verstockt & etnografica.
As different as their creations are, they have one thing in common: all are based in one way or another on tradition.
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