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Museums Inform Around the World,

For over a year now, museum friends have found thousands of museums united at one portal namely and offering a very special service:
Time saving when researching anything to do with museums!

The internet database not only offers museums a free online presence, but also offers travellers, especially just now during the peak travelling time, a multitude of ‘must-see’ museums, castles, fortresses, together with events/exhibition calendar. The database can be conveniently accessed from home using a personal computer and the internet, or en route using a wap-capable mobile telephone (

People using find up-to-date, comprehensive illustrated information about important and interesting museums, even off the beaten path. Whether large or small, on all five continents and for every special interest group there are historical sites and their treasures waiting to be discovered. All important information such as opening times, telephone numbers, thousands of addresses, almost 3500 links, museum descriptions, thematic, location and keyword search, visitor tips and news hotline are accessible in a clear catalogue system.

The aim of the museums for this visitor direct information system is to provide fast and practical information at the click of a button- without complicated and time-consuming searches.
Recommended,- not only for planning any future trips, but also for dreaming about and admiring cultural wonders both at home and abroad. It makes you want to get up and go!

to museums and historicals sites:
We would like you to participate in the searchengine on global museums - one of the most prominent internet-projects for museums up to date. The main objective is to obtain a centralized and rapid possibiliby to search for topics pertinent to museums for all people over the world, interested in museums.

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