The „Haus der Natur - Cismar" (= house of nature, Cismar/Germany) is a privately owned nature museum, which displays some ten thousand objects in an area of 500 m². The museum has been open to the public since 1979.

The outstanding part of the museum is its shell collection, containing many beautiful and rare specimens. With more than 4,000 molluscan species it is the largest exhibition of shells in Germany. The collection represents a clear survey of this second largest phylum of animals in its almost endless variety. Shells of every shape and colour, from the size of a grain of sand to one meter in diameter can be seen. Many of the shells in the collection are genuine rarities, some are unique in Europe. Besides you can see native and exotic minerals, fossils (including an exhibit on baltic amber), stuffed birds and mammals, crabs, corals as well as a butterfly collection and many unusual insects.

Due to the limited exhibition space, the Haus der Natur is only able to display a small part of its collections. In addition to its normal exhibits the Haus der Natur contains an extensive collection of molluscs used only for scientific research and special exhibits. This collection is continuously being enlarged. Numbering in the millions (100,000 lots) the collection of shells of the Haus der Natur is one of the largest private collections in the world.

During the year you can see several special exhibits in the Haus der Natur - Cismar. A classroom for environmental education, which is also used for lectures and scientific workshops rounds off the museum's offerings. There are extensive materials for teaching and learning available to the visitors in the museum.

In its personal and friendly atmosphere the museum offers a vast amount of intelligible information and still retains its scientific integrity. The staff will always try to answer your questions about the natural sciences.

You can find the Haus der Natur - Cismar in the centre of the village Cismar near the ancient monastery. There is a designated footpath 150 m in length leading from the monastery to the museum.
Cismar is located in the vicinity of Groemitz/Baltic Sea, halfway between the town of Luebeck and the island of Fehmarn in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost province of Germany, northeast of Hamburg.

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