Listed on the National Register for historic places, the Margaret Mitchell House, birthplace of Gone With The Wind, is a turn-of-the-century, three-story, Tudor revival mansion where Margaret Mitchell lived and wrote her Pulitzer Prize-winning book. The house, itself, was originally built in 1899 as a single family home on fashionable Peachtree Street; however, in 1919 the home was converted into a 10-unit apartment building. Margaret Mitchell and husband John Marsh lived in Apartment #1 from 1925 until 1932, the period in which Gone With The Wind was conceived and written.

Adjacent to the house is a 4,000 square foot Visitors Center, which is the main entrance and the beginning of the tour experience. Housed within are a ticket counter, a small theatre, and a gallery space now devoted to the girlhood writings of Margaret Mitchell.

And just across the street visitors are now delighted by the Gone With The Wind Movie Museum, which opened December 15, 1999, on the 60th anniversary of the international premiere of Gone With The Wind in Atlanta. Major attractions include the front door of the legendary Tara plantation from the movie set, and the portrait of Scarlett that hung above the Butler house mantle that made moveie history. Other artifacts include selections from the world's largest collection of Gone With The Wind memorabilia, including dolls, games, plates, jewelry and costumes owned by collector Herb Bridges. Visitors are also encouraged to view footage from the premiere, movie scripts, and original set design sketches.

In addition to celebrating the life of Margaret Mitchell and the phenomenon of Gone With The Wind, the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum is dedicated to the exploration of the human experience through the works of Southern writers and the encouragement of honest dialogue among people of diverse points of view. Through our literary programming, we have fostered a safe environment for discussions of race, education, and our increasingly technology-driven society, Please check our calendar of events for an updated schedule of events.

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