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Lillian E. Jones was a very talented young woman who was born and raised in southern Ohio during the early 1900ís. Her family was very influential socially and politically in Jackson County. Lillian was the only daughter of Edwin and Lola Jones of Jackson, Ohio. As a young child she attended Kinnison and later went to Indiana to attend the Knickerbocher School For Girls. Studying there meant she would be able to attain a more formal education that only upper class families could afford at this time. Lillian learned etiquette and the responsibilities of being a young lady of her times. She was taught about the different types of religion in the world, various philosophies and cultural. Her love of the piano continued. Lillian studied about the cultures arts and foreign languages of different countries. After finishing school, Lillian went to New York City to study music. She was accepted at the prestigious school of the performing arts, Julliard. Although, she loved the piano, her major at Julliard was voice. This was because of her father. He loved to hear her sing. She was devoted to him. When Lillian was finished at Julliard, her father sent her to France. She lived there for a year and continued to study voice. Lillian returned to the United States after a year of studies were completed and lived in New York City. In 1920, Lillianís father died. This was a devastating loss for her and the family. She continued to live in New York until 1923. At this time, Lillian returned to Jackson to visit her ailing mother. Her mother persuaded her to stay in Jackson with her.

Lillian and her mother were able to live an upper class life style of leisure. They wintered in Florida. Whenever Lillian wanted, she could travel. She had a true love of traveling. During her lifetime, Lillian went around the world four times. Her education, varied interests and travels allowed her that special ability to be able to talk to anyone about anything. She brought back home many items from around the world. These were items that she loved and treasured.

At this time, the 1920ís, our society was making a drastic change. Sometimes the young women took a different road and started to rebel by the clothing styles, bobbing their hair or smoking in public. Social graces started to change. Lillian was no different to a certain degree but one thing kept her aloft. She at all times loved and honored her parents. She held her place in society at highest regard. Lillian had been taught it was most important to be a lady. She was never married or had a family of her own. Being alone and not having a family or children of her own was the biggest regret of Lillians life. Lillian saw many changes occur during her lifetime. There were times of war and peace, changes socially and politically. A vast change in transportation took place. Her first decade she saw the horse and buggies challenged by the Model T. The last decade saw was overwhelmed by mass transit, computers and space exploration. At almost 98 years of age, Lillian had a dream. She desired to give a beautiful gift back to the community that had given over and over again to her and her family. Her dream was to share her experiences and travels of life with as many who would care to dream, too. Lillian wanted her home to be a special place for historical preservation of articles from Jackson county as well as a place where cultural arts could be enjoyed and encouraged. Her home was filled with treasures that were not to be sold at auction or divided by inheritance. This home would be a gift to the Jackson community for future generations to enjoy. Lillians final gift was a gift from the heart. Today anyone who cares to step back in time to the 1920ís may do so by visiting the Lillian E. Jones Museum. Just be prepared to step back in time, share memories and dare to dream dreams of bygone years.

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