A unique minerals and mathematics museum with a comprehensive survey on the minerals of the Black Forest with a focal point on the renowned "Grube Clara" and interactive installations explaining symmetries and crystallography.

Focal point: 'Grube Clara', world wide known mine with more than 350 different minerals - most of them shown in the museum.


Inaugurated in April 1989, the Mining- and Mineral-Museum Oberwolfach has developed to a highlight of the whole area, well-known far and wide, that attracts a growing number of visitors.

A focal point of the exhibitions are the minerals of the Clara Mine in Oberwolfach, today the only mine working in the Black Forest. The Sachtleben Company there is mining on Fluorite and Baryte, during the last time as well as on so-called "Silberspat", a Baryte with mining-worth portion of silver.
World-wide known is Clara Mine for the richness of minerals. Till today more than 350 different minerals have been detected. Most of them are shown in the museum. 17 of them had been detected the first time in world ever in this mine, e.g.: Clarait, Rankachit, Benauite and so on.
Visitors can inform themselves by video about the modern mining methods in Clara Mine. A model, according to nature, mediates an impression of the huge underground dimensions of the mine.
But the exhibits derive not only from Clara Mine. There are also a lot of minerals from other treasuries of the Black Forest, such as Wittichen, the 'Schauinsland', and the old mining area of Todtnau-Schönau for example.

From 2008 to 2010 the museums scope was extended to include the mathematical background of its minerals. The internationally renowned research institute Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach was invited to join and a en concept was devised to create the first combined minerals and mathematics museum MiMa. Not only two, three- and four dimensional symmetries are explained on interactive installations like touch screens but also insights into physical and chemical details of minerals and crystals are explained. Visitors can watch real minerals, but also virtually fly through the crystal atom structure of for example a Quartz crystal.

The extension also brought new museum space, with over 700 square meters in three two floors plus an extra gallery MiMa invites you to explore the wonders of minerals and mathematics.

More information on www.mima-museum.

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