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Bir Mula Heritage is situated on St. Margerita Hill, one of the five hills of Bormla (Cospicua). From excavations at the site, many artefacts show that the site was inhabited from a very early age. Chert tools, red ochre, Neolithic sling stones, bones of animals and marine creatures and pottery show that the site was formerly, a site for settlers who had contact with the Sicilian Islands. Stone-works, graffiti and pottery indicate that the site was then a shrine or some spot integrated within the Punic cult. The Punic cultured residents remained long through the Roman era.
The present structure and house-phases date from Punico-Roman times to the 17th. Century. It shows the authentic development of Maltese houses: from a penning room, to a rural residence – farmhouse with a storage room, to a mediaeval house able to shelter an extended family, mediaeval additions and restructuring, and the final restructuring into a 17th. century ‘palazzo’ with all necessities to provide for the noble and the servitude. The house survived the ravishes of World War II, and was a residence till 1996. In 1996, the Vellas bought the house, and started an intensive manual restoration and conservation project. A number of graffiti discovered show links with ancient cultures, maritime people, the Knights Templar, the Knights of St. John, and the British era. BMH holds a variety of events and other tourist-oriented activities and services … ideal for groups.

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