Burg Altena, Germany

The well stocked Stiftung Moritzburg is one of the leading museums of the state Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The museum is named after the building in which it took up its residence - the Castle Moritzburg from the late Middle Ages. This castle was build between 1484 and 1513 as the residence of the archbishops of Magdeburg.

Over three decades (1514-1541) cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg - who was the elector and archbishop of Magdeburg and Mainz - resided here as the highest representative of the clergy and ruler of the country. During his period of office the town Halle with its castle Moritzburg as his preferred residence, developed to one of the most important centres of the early renaissance.

Since 1904 the Moritzburg has been housing the ‘Municipal Museum of Art and Arts and Crafts’ (‘Städtisches Museum für Kunst und Kunstgewerbe’) with its valuable stocks of art from the Middle Ages to the present. Today the museum holds in its possession paintings, graphic art, sculptures, craftwork, design, photography, coins and medals. Besides, those exquisite historical collections - mainly craftwork - the museum owns impressive stocks of the classical modern age and its precursors in the 19th century. This includes outstanding works of German expressionism, constructivism, and new objectivity.

Permanent exhibitions present the collections of the museum in this historical monument of architecture, the Moritzburg. Changing special exhibitions stand in the context of the collections or refer to phenomena and processes in contemporary art. They make the Moritzburg an ambitious meeting place with the arts in the centre of the city at the Saale.

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