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(12.12.2001 , United States, GREENVILLE )
A Year In Review

From the Director . . .
Standing before a painting for the first time, the viewer often takes in the entire composition until the eye is swept away to something particular: perhaps the line of movement, precision in detail, or richness of color. Some viewers respond emotionally—almost immediately—to the subject, beauty, pathos, or style; others may take longer to study the work before committing to a response. In the end, however, individuals may not be able to communciate the whys and wherefores of the painting’s style, period, or even artist, but viewers always have an opinion which has the potential to become more developed, more sophisticated as the eye takes in more art and the mind absorbs more information. This opinion develops into a level of appreciation as the viewer’s understanding and study of detail increase until the whole picture takes on the value of the viewer’s level of appreciation.

Last year’s anniversary pace never slowed, beginning with M&G’s first borrowed exhibition, John the Baptist and the Baroque Vision, in the newly renovated exhibition gallery. Following the exhibit and its intense schedule of related enrichment and educational offerings came Easter and the fifth annual Living Gallery program with record high in-gallery and off-site attendance.

With the end of the academic year in May, tour season concluded. However, summer event prep time rapidly and fully bloomed into Kid’s Create, Antiques Extravaganza, Music with the Masters (a guest recital with concert guitarist Christian Thomas Lee), Learning from the Masters art studio teaching, reinstallation of the M&G Russian icon collection, and the children’s activity corner for the Bowen Collection of Antiquities. In addition to the planning and managing of events, the summer provided just enough time to produce the final manuscript of the new collection catalog to hand over to the designers and printers as well as to complete the video interviews for the anniversary video.

As M&G began its newly designed docent training program, teachers and students returned to the schoolroom and to the touring of the collection. The fall initiated the birthday party tour for kids and settled details for M&G’s golden anniversary celebration, including anniversary tours, a new Gallery guide for visitors, anniversary photo displays, an open house, a banquet, and the completed collection catalog and video tribute to the founder. It seemed that as soon as we folded our napkins following the banquet came Christmas Music with the Masters; the Christmas Story in Art exhibition with a focus on Italian traditions; and M&G’s first Children’s Christmas Party, complete with puppet show, crafts, and carol sing-along.

Perhaps as you consider viewing the full M&G picture of the past year, your understanding of and appreciation for the staff’s planning and preparation for this year to bring to you and the public the best in educational, cultural, and family offerings will increase. Each staff member works hard studying, creating, preserving, and presenting. Although the anniversary year has ended, the past 50 years have provided an example of faithfulness and service for the staff and a continued focus for M&G’s ministry, current and future. It is our hope that in this year, you will view and appreciate our outreach as a whole, participating in and enjoying the individual offerings, while encouraging others to join and do the same.

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