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(13.12.2001 , United States, HOUSTON )
Willy Rosenstein, Jewish Aviator

A selection of artifacts from the Robert B. Gill Collection will be on display in Holocaust Museum Houston’s library until January 25, 2002.
Rosenstein was a celebrity in the early days of German aviation and a recognized World War I hero. He was a member of Jasta 27, serving under Hermann Göring in WWI, flying more than 180 combat missions. Even though he was a war hero during WWI, as conditions for Jews worsened in Germany, Rosenstein emigrated to South Africa in 1936. A passage in Rosenstein's memoir relates a strange story of receiving help in the emigration process from Göring. Rosenstein suffered many tragedies - the desertion of his wife, internment in South Africa in 1940 as a "possible enemy of the state" and finally the death of his son, Ernst, a pilot with the RAF, killed in action in 1945. Rosenstein was killed four years late in a flying accident.

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