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(12.03.2003 , Romania, Bucharest, )

Interactive and multimedia exhibition
For European Union Culture 2000 programme in support of culture
Call for proposal for 2004
I. ORGANISER: The Romanian Literature Museum. Address: 12 Dacia Boulevard, sector 1, Bucharest, Romania. Tel/ Fax: 004021-2129651; 004021-212 58 46. E-mail: sande@mlr.ro; muzeulliteraturii@xnet.ro; Website: http://www.mlr.ro; Legal status: public national institution. Date of establishment: 1957. Cultural heritage: above 300 000 pieces, organized in above 300 collections: literary manuscripts (Romanian and foreign writers), old and rarely books, periodicals, photos, other literary-historical documents, art works (graphic, painting, sculpture), memorial objects and furniture, audio and video recordings.
II. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The project intends to present literary manuscripts (originals/facsimiles), old and rarely books, periodicals, photos, other literary-historical documents, art works (graphic, painting, sculpture), memorial and personal objects, furniture, audio and video recordings (pictures, interviews, music and poetry recitals, theatre performance etc.), literary-historical dates. The unfolds of this project implies a stage designing vision of the exhibitions expose and multilingual approach, using classical and modern of exposition supports: modular showcase, digital multimedia technology. Exhibition's themeis intended to show short syntheses of European literature, chronological organized, including principal stages of evolution, representative authors and basic moments of European literature, including the following segments: The Antiquity; The Middle Ages; The Renaissance; The Classicism; The Enlightenment; The Romanticism; The Realism; The Naturalism; The Parnassians; The Symbolism; The contemporary literature (XX century).
III. PURPOSE: Meeting of cultural and educational needs of the public, with the priority of attracting the young close to the Romanian and European cultural values, in the context of non-formal education.
IV. KEY OBJECTIVS: 1. Promotion of cultural dialogue and mutual knowledge of Romanian and European culture and literary-historical; 2. The highlighting of common roots and of the similarly or comparable elements from the Romanian and European literary heritage, cultural diversity and development of new forms of literary expression; 3. Promotion of Romanian literature in the European level contributing to his integration in European Union.
V PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: 1. Implementation of the project exhibition (scientific and technical) on 2, respective 3 sections: 10 exposition hall (7+2 permanently and 1 temporarily), using classical and modern exposition supports: modular showcase, digital multimedia technology; 2. The achievement of virtual exhibitions into the digital space of Romanian and European literature.
VI. ANTICIPATED RESULTS: 1/ EuRoLitertature - permanent interactive and multimedia exhibition, using digital technology and a multilingual approach (7+2 permanently exposition halls +1 temporarily); 2/ e-Literature - 2 virtual exhibitions into the digital space of Romanian and European literature.
VII. PARTENERS AND CO-ORGANISERS: Ministry of Culture; Ministry of Education and Research; Bucharest University-Faculty of Letters; Bucharest Municipality; Romanian Writer's Union; private commercial companies; European Union - Program Culture 2000; other European cultural institutions.
VIII. LENGHT: The project follows is supposed to be achieved in 3 years, beginning in 2004.
IX. EXPECTED IMPACT: 1. Conservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage, which is of exceptional and European significance, and making it accessible to the public; 2. Dissemination of innovative methods and techniques at European level; 3. Creation of sinergycal effects between culture - education - tourism - regional development, multiply through trans-border and trans-national actions.
X. INFORMATIONS: Cultural European institutions interested to participate at this project could contribute with 5% from all the costs of the project, in cash or technologic contribution, by exhibition materials, specialty consultation etc.

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