Burg Altena, Germany
University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU

(10.10.2003 , China, Hong Kong )
Publication: Early Hong Kong Eateries

This catalogue accompanies the captioned exhibition at the University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU from 26 March to 9 June 2003. The exhibition and catalogue feature old photographs of Hong Kong showing the locations of eating establishments in Hong Kong from the collection of Mr Cheng Po-hung, a renowned expert on Hong Kong history. The catalogue, written by Mr Cheng, focuses on the history of eateries and food culture in Hong Kong from the late 19th century to the 1970s. It is bilingual Chinese-English and fully illustrated with photographs

(in English & Chinese)
2003 Paperback, 305 x 230 mm
271 pages
ISBN 962-8038-53-2
Price: US$28 / HK$200

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