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Barkal Museum

(04.02.2006 , Sudan, Karima )
From Karima's Antiquarium to the Museum of Jebel Barkal

Works since April 2004 have led to the reorganization of the space in the old antiquarium that resulted to the opening of the old Barkal Museum to public in September 2004.
A new Jebel Barkal Museum is planned, which is to be called “The Karima Museum of Archaeology and History”. For research, public education, and preservation of cultural artifacts.
This building will include eight exhibition galleries:
Four large galleries for antiquities from ancient Napata:
(Temples and Palaces) Jebel Barkal (2),
(Cemeteries) Kurru, Nuri, Barkal, el-Arab, (1),
(Settlement) Sanam (1)
(One of these might serve as a lecture hall)
Four smaller galleries for Post-Meroitic, Christian and Islamic Periods:
(Post-Meroitic graves) Zuma, Tangasi (1)
(Christian remains) Ghazali and other Christian sites (1),
Islamic history (Turqiya and Mahdiya, and Karima history) (2)
(The galleries will be climate proof and have no direct sunlight; lighting should be carefully controlled, especially where textiles are exhibited)
The antiquities galleries will include both original objects and high-quality facsimile reproductions of objects that were taken from Jebel Barkal in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and which are now in foreign museums...
The galleries will also include high-quality scale models of the “holy mountain” and the entire temple complex, the individual temples, typical pyramids.
Label texts will be multi-lingual.
The Museum will have a residence for visiting archaeologists and researchers and will include a library, computer terminals, a workroom, a laboratory, and a public restaurant and garden

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