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Museu de Odontologia Salles Cunha

(05.07.2007 , Brazil, Rio de Janeiro 20261-050 )
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Informative from “SALLES CUNHA” Museum – ABO-RJ
V. XIII Number 09 ISSN – 1413-6494 MAY / 2007


With a long program, organized by the Museum and the Social Department of ABO-RJ to celebrate the Birth Centennial of Prof. Salles Cunha, together with the Museums International Day Celebration and also the 70th year birth foundation of the Dentistry Brazilian Association – RJ Section and a honor party to the Museologist Mother 2007, a great number of people was gathered at the honorable saloon of the Association.
A musical recital given by the pianist Ms. Fernanda Chaves Canaud was the highest point of this celebration. Ms. Fernanda Canaud is a Rio de Janeiro citizen born, graduated on Music by UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University), where she also concluded her Masters over Radamés Gnatalli masterpieces. Her performance has demonstrated to all the presents why she has won prizes on eight national piano competitions and how she managed to improve her ability in Moscow, with a scholarship.
Ms. Canaud hás also given musical recital at several foreign countries such as Italy, Colômbia, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France and England. She has also recorded six CDs; the most recent one was prepared for the celebration of Radamés Gnatalli centennial birthday.
Nowadays she teaches at Villa-Lobos Music School, Rio de Janeiro, and at Music University at Leopoldina, a city in Minas Gerais.


• Wolfgang A. Mozart
* Sonata K 280

• Ludwig van Beethoven
* Sonata “to the Moon” op. 27/2
(Sonata ao luar)

• Felix Mendelssohn
* Serious variations
(Variações sérias)

• Heitor Villa-Lobos
* Pain waltz (Valsa da dor)
* Punchinello (Polichinelo)

• Ernesto Nazareth
* A heart that feels
(Coração que sente)
* Odeon (Odeon)

Acclaimed by the present audience, Ms. Canaud was given the centennial celebrative medal, flowers and gifts.
After that, the director of the First Reign Museum, in Rio de Janeiro, Mrs. Ângela Moliterno de Oliveira, was cheerfully honored as the Museologist Mother of the year, receiving as a gift the centennial birth of Prof. Salles Cunha celebrative medal, a certificate related to the Museologist Mother title, a semi-precious jewelry with a watch and a bouquet of flowers.
Mrs. Angela Maria Chiesi Moliterno de Oliveira, was born in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, on January 30, 1955. She has attended the old Museum Course at the National History Museum, from 1973 to 1976, when she graduated on artistic museums. On 1977 she joined the State of Rio de Janeiro as museologist for the old Femurj (now Funarj), through a competitive examination, on which she achieved the first position. She worked from 1978 to 1983 at the Rio de Janeiro City Museum, located in Gávea. On July of this same year, she married Roberto Souza de Oliveira and follows him to France, where her husband would follow his doctor’s degree course in Toulouse. She had been there from 1983 until 1987 at the Art History University in Rangueil. On 1987, the family returns to Brazil; but Ângela Maria only gets back to her job at the City Museum on 1991, when her daughter, Ana Carolina Moliterno Lopes de Oliveira, was already 2 years old. On 1993, she was transferred to the First Reign Museum until 1999, when her husband was transferred to Brasília. There, from 2002 to May 2003, she worked as an assistant to the Iphan Museums Department, Mr. José do Nascimento Júnior. On May 2003 the family returns to Rio and she is back to the First Reign Museum. On September 2006 she was designated Director, her actual position.

After these two special sessions, it was the time for the honor with the celebrative medal and certificate of the Birth Centennial of Prof. Salles Cunha to some people involved with the creation of this Museum, not only in the search for a proper space but also looking for its educational and historical objectives, strenghthening activities in the view of promoting its integration to the Brazilian museological cultural environment.

- Dr. Ivan Loureiro, Dr. Leovirgílio Furtado de Oliveira, Dr. Robson da Rocha, Dr. Luiz Paulo dos Santos Salgado, Dr. Sergio Rivetti Dias (in memoriam), represented by his son, Dr. Sergio Rivetti Dias Jr. Have received the above mentioned gifts.
- Dr. Elias Rosenthal (in memoriam) –represented by his wife Mrs. Anna Rosenthal also received the gifts, as how as a great inciter for the creation of a dentistry museum in Brazil.
- Dr. Jean Salles Cunha, Prof. Salles Cunha grandson, who has donated all his grandfather documents to Salles Cunha Museum, was honored with the medal and the certificate in the name of the family.
- Lieutenant Museologist Mrs. Dirlene Diório represented by Lieutenant Mateus, from the Copacabana Fort.
- Museologist Ms. Maria Cristina Mendes, from the Villa-Lobos Museum.
- Colonel Leonardo de Andrade – Director of the Military Museum Conde de Linhares.
- Museologist Adolfo Samin Nobre – President of the Museology Brazilian Association.
- Dr. Waldemar Romano, from the Dr. Grace Harriett Alvarez Museum, APCD –Piracicaba Regional.
- Mrs. Maria da Graça Fayer – teacher at Matias Barbosa schools, in Minas Gerais.
- Mr. Roberto Fonseca – Parliamentary adviser of the CRO-RJ, one of the greatest document donors to the Museum.
This ceremony board was composed by the ABO-RJ President, Dr. Paulo Murilo Oliveira da Fontoura, the Director of Salles Cunha Museum, Dr. Thales Ribeiro de Magalhães, the President of the CRO-RJ, Dr. Afonso Rocha, the President of the Dentistry Brazilian Academy, Dr. Placidino Guerrieri Brigagão, and the Director of Military Museum Conde de Linhares, Colonel Leonardo de Andrade.
In the audience there was also the presence of Prof. Salles Cunha’s family, among them Prof. Dr. Marcos Salles Cunha (son), Dr. Jean Salles Cunha and Dra. Celene Salles Cunha (grandsons).
When the solemnity finished, the audience was invited to visit the Dentistry Museum Salles Cunha.

Dr. Paulo de Oliveira Bueno

On February 18, 1889, Ms. Isabella Von Sidow, the São Paulo born on Cananéia, was the first woman graduated as “Dentist” at the Medicine University in Rio de Janeiro.
On January 27, 1900, Silvia Glória de Moraes and on March 5th, 1900, Alzira de Mello Machado graduated themselves as well on the Dentistry Course at the same Medicine University in Rio de Janeiro.
At that time, Emma Marie Antoinette Ghekiere, a Belgian citizen, graduated on 1874 at the Dentistry Course at the Brussels University, has come to Brazil ando n 1898 revalidated her title at the Medicine University in Rio de Janeiro.
In Brazil, the “ruling prince” has signed for proficiency examinations on May 23, 1800, where for the first time appeared the title “Dental Surgeon”, which has officially started the dentistry art as a profession itself.
The first mention of a woman’s activity in the Dentistry world dates from 1813 in Lisbon (Portugal), at the “Letter of Register for Dentistry Confirmation” given to “Januaria Thereza Ferreira” and signed by the Main Dental Surgeon, Counselor José Correia Picanço, a Brazilian citizen and a person of note in the Court.
Some others were also distinguished such as : Rosa Candido Gonçalves Faria Genes, on 1861 in the city of Recife; Maria Arthot, on 1850 in Rio de Janeiro; Elisa Elvira Berbard, on 1879 in Rio de Janeiro and Izabel de Souza Mattos, on 1883 in Salvador – Bahia.
Until the eighties there was a great masculine presence at the Dentistry Course. Since then there occurred an inversion as nowadays the presence of women is prevailing. One of the main reasons for this prevailence is that this profession really allows the woman to be independent and also she can adjust the work to her family responsibilities.

Ref.: (APUD – APCD – Newspaper – v. 41, n. 599 – p. 28 – March 2007).


According to the study realized by Demu/Iphan, with the help of 18 federal units, among the 2.403 researched museums (2.384 present and 19 virtuals), 2.266 are open to visitation, 42 are being prepared to be opened and 76 are closed to the general public.
The research also indicates the number of museums per region and points out that the states where there are very few museums are still concentrated in the North region, with 97 museums.
The Southern region has the greatest number : 941, as São Paulo with 42% , followed by Minas Gerais with 32%, Rio de Janeiro with 21% and Espírito Santo with 5%.
In the Mid-West region, there are 167 museums registered; in the Northeastern area, 469; in the South region, 710, where 50% belong to Rio Grande do Sul.
As to the number of museums researched in the state/cities relationship, among the 27 federative units only 17 have museums on more than 10% of its cities.
Different from the first report, which has pointed Rio Grande do Sul as the state with the biggest number of museums distributed for its cities, this last research presents Rio de Janeiro in advance, with 37 museums for 92 cities. After that, Rio Grande do Sul has 1555 for 496 cities; Santa Catarina has 91 for 293; Ceará has 53 for 184 and finally São Paulo which has 156 for 645.
Proportionally, Tocantins is the state with the lowest number of museums per city, with the record of 3 for 139, followed by Maranhão, with 5 for 217; Piauí and Paraíba with 7 for 223; Mato Grosso, 6 for 141 and finally Alagoas with 6 for 102.


Three written masterpieces organized by Dr. Elias Rosenthal, the IMOSP-APCD founder, yet deceased, were donated by his wife, Mrs. Anna Rosenthal to the Salles Cunha Museum. They are :
* Dentistry Arts – it is a collection gathering miniatures from Dr. José Domingos Peza, paintings from Nilza Ressinitti, pictures from Rolf Rode and some other dentists dedicated to the arts;
* Famous Names of the Brazilian Dentistry – 117 dentists have their name quoted for their detachable work for the Brazilian Dentistry;
* Humour – this is a collection of drawings (caricatures), satires, cartoons and small chronicles with a comic emphasis.

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