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Title The Museum für Lackkunst  
Subtitle General information about the Museum für Lackkunst  
Date 7. Juni 2010  
oraganization null  
Author Ms. Marketingleiterin Julia Kroker  
Museum Museum für Lackkunst, Germany, Muenster  
Short version 69 Words  
Long version 380 Words  

 Short version

The Museum für Lackkunst
The lacquer art museum Museum für Lackkunst is owned by BASF Coatings GmbH in Münster. The museum, located in the heart of the city, features a unique collection of lacquer art from East Asia, Europe and the Islamic world, with objects from over two millennia. Both traditional and contemporary aspects of lacquer art are highlighted in special exhibitions held on a regular basis.

 Long version

The history of the museum

The Museum für Lackkunst is situated directly on the promenade encircling Münster, on the route from the main station to the city centre. The building, formerly an aristocratic villa, became the domicile of the works of art in 1993.

However, the collection’s history goes back a good deal further. Adolf Herbig, co-owner of the Herbig-Haarhaus paint factory in Cologne, had been acquiring individual works since the last years of the 19th century.

The museum’s predecessor: the Herbig-Haarhaus Lackmuseum in Cologne

From the late 1930s onwards, the longstanding friend of Herbig’s family, art lover and head of the paint factory’s advertising unit, Dr. Erich Zschocke, undertook this task purposefully and with great passion.

Thanks to the foresight with which he relocated large parts of this priceless collection during World War II and the various additions to it purchased in the post-war years, as early as 1955 the Herbig-Haarhaus Lackmuseum was successfully opened in Cologne with a considerable stock of art works.

When Herbig-Haarhaus AG was taken over by BASF Aktiengesellschaft in 1968, the museum – still bearing the name of “Herbig-Haarhaus Lackmuseum” – also became the property of the new owner.

The museum’s initial basic inventory was largely extended in 1982 due to the acquisition of the collection belonging to the Wuppertal paint manufacturer Kurt Herberts, comprising about 400 items.


The events regularly staged in the Museum für Lackkunst include special exhibitions linked to the various thematic areas covered by lacquer art. In the years since 1993, the range of exhibitions presented by the Museum für Lackkunst has not only deepened traditional aspects of lacquer art - some of these events have also been devoted to the works of contemporary artists.

Special exhibitions and concerts

The excellent special exhibitions staged by the Museum für Lackkunst are impressively documented and illustrated by academic publications appearing in the context of the exhibitions.

The “Music in the Museum” concert series has also established itself as a tradition and enjoys great popularity. In recent years, those attending the concerts have been able to enjoy a wide variety of musical styles.

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