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language: English
Title Beauty Will Save the World  
Subtitle "Live Music at the Museum" Cultural and Artistic Show To Meet the 2011 International Museum Day  
Date 17. April 2011  
oraganization International Museum of Peace and Solidarity  
Author Mr. Founder Anatoly Ionesov  
Museum The Samarkand Peace Museum Project, Uzbekistan, Samarkand  
Long version 496 Words  

 Long version

On 9th April 2011 we started here in Samarkand (Uzbekistan) a cycle of events to meet the coming International Museum Day to be held worldwide under the theme "Museums and Memory". The First Deputy Head of the Samarkand Provincial Department for Cultural and Sport Affairs Amriddin Pulatov and the Director General of the Samarkand State Museums Mahmud Boboyorov warmly saluted and congratulated the audience. Art lovers who came here could find out what happens if to combine, in one concert, eastern and western musical instruments, folk and jazz, klezmer and blues, country and rock-n-roll... The event was opened by the ensemble of traditional music of the Samarkand College of Arts (Art Director - Ismoil Ibodov) and at once a cozy and beautifully decorated reception hall of the Samarkand Museum for Regional Studies, that had been usually keeping a solemn silence, was filled with live music.

During the "Live Music at the Museum" Cultural and Artistic Show we have introduced "Charming Hostess" band from the USA. Our American guest, multi-wind instrumentalist and composer Jason Ditzian, presented a fragment of their innovative historical-cultural/ musical program - The Bowls Project - inspired by the Babylonian amulets – as well as original compositions of "Charming Hostess", works of other American artists and some pieces of Uzbek national music. Jason was joined on the stage by young local musicians Shahzod Normurodov and Askar Rahmonov playing Uzbek traditional instruments: rubob and doira. It was amazing to see how originally, freshly and harmoniously Uzbek national instruments sounded in classical jazz and blues compositions as well as how masterly improvisations of the American musician perfectly well integrated into Uzbek folk melodies. The activists of the Samarkand Peace Museum distributed among all participants Japanese paper cranes – as a token of peace, good will, memory, friendship and solidarity.

Jason Ditzian: “I believe that beauty can heal the world and I hope to share this music and the history of these ancient bowls to enlighten audiences with this message: that people from all around the world across all religions, languages and time periods have common hopes and dreams for peace, love and happiness. I am very proud to be here in ancient Samarkand, the crossroads of the Great Silk road with thousands of years of rich heritage. I love Uzbek music very much and I am very happy to work and study with Samarkand musicians, tasting local food, touring the national heritage sites and making so many new friends. I am having so many memorable experiences in this beautiful country - the Republic Uzbekistan, which this year celebrates the 20th anniversary of its independence. Please accept my most sincere congratulations and best wishes for every success in the future!”

The event was held within Samarkand Peace Museum’s permanent project 'Beauty Will Save the World' and it was supported by the Samarkand City Department for Cultural and Sports Affairs, Samarkand State Museums and Samarkand College of Arts.

Anatoly Ionesov

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