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language: English
Title "Germany Through My Eyes"  
Subtitle Anatoly Ionesov Photo Exhibition  
Date 24. Oktober 2012  
oraganization International Museum of Peace and Solidarity  
Author Mr. Founder Anatoly Ionesov  
Museum The Samarkand Peace Museum Project, Uzbekistan, Samarkand  
Short version 172 Words  
Long version 368 Words  

 Short version

Dates: Friday, September 21, 2012 – Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Place: A.S. Pushkin Samarkand Regional Information Library Center
Address: 21, University Boulevard, UZ-140100 Samarkand, Uzbekistan

This photographic expo project has been named a Laureate of the "Ambassador of Culture” Competition organized and supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tashkent.

Dedicated to the 20th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Federal Republic of Germany and to the 10th anniversary of the German-Uzbek Scientific Society (Deutsch-Usbekische Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V.)

Project coordinator: Rahim Qayumov, Deputy Director General for Scientific Affairs, Samarkand State Museums
Scientific adviser: Professor Khurram Rakhimov, President, German-Uzbek Scientific Society (DUWG)
Consultant: Firdaus Naberaev, architect and designer

German-Uzbek Scientific Society (DUWG)
Samarkand City Department for Culture and Sport Affairs
Samarkand State Museums
A.S. Pushkin Samarkand Regional Information Library Center
Samarkand International Museum of Peace and Solidarity
Samarkand International Friendship Club “Esperanto”

 Long version


The exposition aims to contribute to mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation between the peoples of Uzbekistan and Germany.

The display consists of several thematic sections; Happy Birthday, Berlin!; Freiburg - the Sunshine City, Schwarzwald – the Pearl of Germany, From Lübeck to Boden Lake, DUWG: Bridges of Friendship and Cooperation.

60 photographs assist the residents of Samarkand to take a sort of journey to Germany, to visit the famous Black Forest, to see the beautiful landscapes and historical-architectural places of interest of this natural reserve, to stroll through old streets, to get acquainted with the German cuisine, to get to know about remarkable achievements of this country in the field of renewable energy…

Anatoly Ionesov has also created 20 photo collages with many pictures introducing multi-faceted activities of the German-Uzbek Scientific Society that is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Before the inauguration ceremony, an express-quiz “20 Questions about Germany” was held to help the attendees to check their erudition in the field of German culture. The winners received books donated by DUWG.

In honour of the UN International Peace Day that is celebrated on 21 September all over the world, the Samarkand Peace Museum distributed among all the visitors colourful Japanese paper cranes – an international symbol of peace, kindness and goodwill.

A well known poetess Sharifa Salimova (Tashkent) recited a new poem about friendship of peoples of Uzbekistan and Germany that she wrote specifically for this event. Other speakers included the DUWG President Professor Khurram Rakhimov, the Scientific Director of the Samarkand Theatre of Historical Costume Professor Yusuf Abdullaev, Professor of Freiburg University of Education Karl-Heinz Jäger, the Deputy Director General of the Samarkand State Museums Rahim Qayumov, the author of the photo exhibition Anatoly Ionesov and the Director of A.S. Pushkin Samarkand Regional Information Library Center Shahodat Akhmedova.

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