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Historic Walks around Forster and Tuncurry
Pioneer cottages in Forster in the early 1900s

The Great Lakes Historical Museum has produced two booklets which have details of Historical Walks through the towns of Forster and Tuncurry. The Historic Walk through Forster visits many historic sites including the School of Arts, the site of the original Police Station, Forster's first hotel, an original boatshed, Pilot Hill station, swimming baths and dance hall. The Historic Walk through Tuncurry also visits many historic sites including John Wright Park, which was formerly the John Wright Shipyards and Timbermills, the Fishing Co-op, Tuncurry's first hotel, Fazio family home, site of Tuncurry House and Wright's General Store, site of Tuncurry's first school, the Memorial Hall, Porter's Timber mill and the Memorial Park beside the bridge.

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