Burg Altena, Germany
Museu de Lamego
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Museum of Lamego, 1908.

The Museum of Lamego was established by the decree n.º 3074, from the 5th of April of 1917, and published in the Government Official Diary, n.º 53, 1º Series. Its foundation roots in the ideological context of the I Republic and embodies a national strategy of safekeeping of the artistic patrimony, with the reiterated purpose of preserving and displaying every work of art existing both in the city and in the region, as an essencial component of people, s education, as well as a touristic attractive pole of recognized importance, for local and regional development. Formerly called Museu Regional de Lamego (Regional Museum of Lamego) and considered, due the nature of its collections, an artistic, archeological and numismatic museum, it occupied temporarily the expropriated Episcopal Palace, while waiting for the indispensable adaptation works in the former Hospital da Misericórdia, to where it would later move and definitely settle. This intention, never actually fulfilled, soon gave place to a remarkable effort carried out by the first director of the Museum, Lamego-born artist João Amaral, to obtain the removal of all other public services also established there and to assign entirely the building for this purpose, circumstance he could no longer see, since the assignement of all the Palace's rooms took only place in 1968, thirteen years after his death.Agostinho Ribeiro.

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