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Etelka Baji: Strelisky. Hundred years of a photographer-dynasty
Publication of the Hungarian Museum of Photography

The Strelisky dynasty: Lipót, his brother Náthán and his son Sándor can pride itself on its unique history. They were among the first in Pest to start practicing photography, since the Lipót the goldsmith became engaged in photography, and the popular and sought-after studio was in the family's possession for nearly a hundred years. Throughout they remained within the field of photography, providing a reliably high standard, their work was reliably and consistently demanding and of high quality. The Streliskys did not wish to convert from photographers into photo-artists, but every member of the dynasty was in possession of technical knowledge, the best methods, and they were brilliant masters of the photo making techniques. The Strelisky studio remained throughout with portrait photography: its pictures provide a wide panorama of Hungarian world of arts, the contemporary theatrical life, the aristocracy, bourgeoisie, thereby immortalizing their names in the history of Hungarian photography.

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