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Feature Exhibition - Auto Adventure

May 20, 2002 to March 15, 2003

Drawing on the style and traditions of the pulp magazine,we present:

“Auto Adventure and the Mysteries of the Collection.”

Our collection traces the significance of cars and trucks in the history of western Canada. It also reveals how these amazing machines shaped the lives of both ordinary, and some pretty extraordinary, individuals.

For this new exhibit, those pieces with the best stories are on display.

A glimpse of what’s in store…
·You’ve heard of the Cyclops-like car made of paper maché?
·How about the trip through the wilderness where champagne and truffles were as important as the surveyor’s gear?
·What mystery dwells under the hood of the yellow LaSalle convertible?
·What’s the tragic story that makes our Westchester Cord a split personality?
·What extraordinary truck with cutting-edge technology is a nameless orphan?

For the answers to these, and other questions, don’t miss this feature exhibit!

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