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Outside facilities
side plan

Site: 205 acres located 2 kilometers west of Wetaskiwin on Highway 13

Main Building: (9450sq. m) houses the Entrance Hall, Exhibition Gallery, Restoration/Conservation Shop, Reference Centre, Blacktop Diner, Gift Shop, Theatre, Assembly Rooms, East Hall, Recognition Hall and administration offices

Aviation Display hangar: 1830 sq. m; Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame and a display of vintage aircraft interpret Canada’s aviation history. The hangar is connected to the Wetaskiwin airport. Visitors arriving in private planes can taxi directly to the front door of the hangar.

Service Building:A six-bay garage for servicing the operating artifacts.

Warehouse: 10,000sq. m; currently houses more than 5000 artifacts in restored, conserved or last-used condition.
Warehousetours are offered daily.

Tour Road: Visitors travel along this route, past the 1917 Bucyrus Class-24 Dragline (the world’s oldest dragline),a 1958 Caterpillar DW20 off-highway coal hauler, a 1958 Jeffery Mine Locomotive and a 1929 Bucyrus Eric 200-B Stripping Shovel, while touring the site on the vintage vehicle ride program.

Test Track:An announcement tower and Power of Performance stage on the Test Track are used during outdoor concerts and for vintage vehicle parades.

Agricultural Fields: For the demonstration of operating agricultural artifacts in the spring and fall.

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