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Special Functions
the boardroom



Features Tiered cushioned seating
Excellent acoustics
Projection screen, Podium
Audio/Visual  VHS, cassette, slides
Capacity 117 – 130 persons
Fee $300 half day (morning, afternoon or evening)
$400 full day (morning + afternoon, or afternoon + evening)
$600 extended day (morning + afternoon + evening)

Great Hall:
Features Unique ambience among some of the museum’s finest artifacts and overlooking the main exhibition gallery
Uses Stand-up receptions, dinners and award ceremonies
Capacity Dependent on use
Fee $150 per hour


Features White board
Eight foot projection screen
Kitchenette area
Variable table configuration
Uses Small meetings, informal gatherings, presentations, workshops
Capacity Up to 20 persons
Fee $75 half day
$100 full day

Assembly Rooms:

Features Folding wall to separate one large room into two smaller rooms
Fixed seating around perimeter, extra chairs and tables available
Uses Small meetings, informal gatherings, presentations, workshops
Capacity 30 – 40 persons, depending on use
Fee $50 half day – one small room
$75 full day – one small room
$75 half day – full, large room
$100 full day – full, large room


Features Tables and chairs with a panoramic view of the prairies
Enclosed private area available for private functions
Uses Dinners and meetings – buffet, barbeque or otherwise
Capacity Enclosure – 50 persons
Main area – 70 persons
Both areas – 120 persons
Fee Enclosure - $50 half day or evening
Main area - $75 half day or evening
Both areas - $100 half day or evening

Audio/Visual Equipment Rates:

All rates are for a full day or any portion thereof.
Television/VCR combination $25
Overhead projector and screen $10
Slide projector and screen $20
Microphones – wireless or otherwise $30 each
TOA $10
Portable public address system $50
Flip chart $10
Portable white board n/c

Staffing Requirements:

Audio/Visual Technician $40 per hour
Staff Host $30 per hour
Functions taking place on weekends or after regular museum hours require a staff host. Staff time for set up and clean up will also be charged. All special functions require the presence of museum staff, number to be determined by special functions coordinator.
All functions involving audio/visual equipment will require the presence of an audio/visual technician.

Photographic Sessions:

Weddings and other special occasions may be commemorated through photo sessions at the museum. Photo sessions are available from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. daily during the summer season and 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. daily during the off-season. Session length may be extended by previous arrangement with museum staff. Photo sessions are not available during special events or on holidays.

Photo session fees are $75.00 per hour. A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is due 14 days in advance of the session.

The museum reserves the right to determine which artifacts may appear in photos and the context of their use.

Office Services:

Photocopies are available for user groups at a rate of $.50 per copy.
Fax services are available for user groups at a rate of $1.00 per page, sending and/or receiving.

Special Functions Bookings:

Inquiries should be directed to the Group Booking Coordinator at (780) 361-1371.

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