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Education Program
the factory

Education Programs

The Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin specializes in interactive, hands-on programs that complement the Alberta Learning curriculum.

Focusing on mechanized transportation, aviation, agriculture and industry, we offer a wide range of education programs relating to both social studies and science curricula.

Interpreter-led Programs
Cost: $3.00 per student
Minimum cost of $50.00

Funlights of Technology (1 hour)
Students build cars on an assembly line, make rope, and train to be courteous service station attendants.

Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 2 Social Studies
Topic A - People Nearby
Grade 3 Social Studies
Topic A My Community In The Past, Present and Future

Wheels and Levers (1 hour)
This introductory program gives students the opportunity to build and test a variety of levers, construct a drive system that uses gears, and explore the concepts of gearing up and down.

Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 4 Science
Topic B Wheels and Levers

Widget Works (1 hour)
This program expands on applications for levers and pulleys, wheels and axles. Students learn speed and force advantage principles through demonstrations of a Penny Farthing, a tricycle and a cream separator.

Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 4 Science
Topic B Wheels and Levers

Prairie Perspectives (1 hour)
A look at the evolving lifestyles of rural Albertans from 1900 to the 1930s. Students explore settlement, homesteading and the transition from muscle power to mechanization.

Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 4 Social Studies
Topic B Alberta: Its People In History

Electricity & Magnetism (1 hour)
Students are introduced to the relationship between electricity and magnetism and their importance in mechanization. By constructing an electric motor, students discover how electricity is used to produce magnetism, and how magnetism generates electricity.

Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 5 Science
Topic A Electricity and Magnetism

Aviation Nation (1 hour)
Students discover how pioneering aviators unlocked the secrets of aerodynamics and conquered the skies.

Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 6 Science
Topic A Air and Aerodynamics
Topic B Flight

Electric Cars (1 hour)
Using the knowledge gained from the Electricity and Magnetism program, students build a vehicle that uses a battery-powered electric motor to produce motion. Students view vintage cars to see the significance of electric cars both historically and today.

Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 5 Science
Topic A Electricity and Magnetism
Topic B Mechanisms Using Electricity

Modus Mechanicus (1 hour)
A close look at how simple machines translate energy into motion, speed and force. Students have the opportunity to explore practical applications of simple machines.

Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 7 Science
Unit D Structures and Forces
Grade 8 Science
Unit D Mechanical Systems

Simple Machines (1 hour)
Students analyze mechanical devices, identifying components that operate as simple machines. Activities include construction of both gear and belt-driven systems and assessment of turning ratios between a driving and driven shaft.
Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 8 Science
Unit D Mechanical Systems

Work In Progress (1 hour)
Students learn about the introduction of mass production, improvements in machine technology and their impact on society.
Curriculum tie-in:
Grade 9 Social Studies
Topic C Canada: Responding To Change

Self-guided Programs
Cost: $1.00 per student

The Great Car Conundrum
(Recommended for Grades 3 to 6)

Using a four-page worksheet, students collect clues and discover the mystery car while learning how car technology has changed over time.

Plane Crazy One
(Recommended for ECS to Grade 3)

This three-page worksheet is designed to teach young people about the basic parts of an airplane.

Plane Crazy Two
(Recommended for Grades 3 to 7)

Students become airplane detectives, using clues to discover the mystery plane. This four-page worksheet helps young people learn about vintage aircraft and Alberta's flying history.

New from the Blacktop Diner!

Student Meal Deal
·$3.50 per person
·hamburger, small fries, 7 oz. juice box

Youth Meal Deal
·$4.25 per person
·hamburger, regular fries, 9 oz. juice box

Student Bag Lunch
·$3.50 per person
·roast beef and cheddar cheese sandwich or a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich, piece of fruit, chocolate chip cookie and juice box.

If your group is planning to eat at the Blacktop Diner‚ please call the Diner directly at (780) 361-1351-280 or fax it to (780) 361-1239.
Orders must be placed one week in advance.

Day Break (offered from the end of May to the end of August) $6.50 per student
A just-for-fun program for school field trips or day camps.
·Changing Gears (audio-visual presentation)
·Scavenger Hunt (self-guided)
·"Working on the Line" Factory Game (interpreter-led)
·Student Meal Deal (Meal can be upgraded to Youth Meal Deal for an additional 75cent per person)

Programs subject to change.

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