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1998 Premier's Award of Excellence
60's a Go-Go Exhibition

1998 Premier’s Award of Excellence - Silver

The Alberta public service is recognized as one of the most dynamic and innovative public sector organizations in North America. The Premier’s Award of Excellence is a symbol of that recognition. Since 1995, the Premier’s Award of Excellence has honored Alberta public service employees for demonstrating superior customer service and business practices in a supportive work environment.

“Congratulations to the 1998 recipients of the Premier’s Award of Excellence. Your efforts are making a real difference to your government, to your province, and to the people you serve. In addition, you are part of a tradition of excellence and innovation that is an inspiration to all of us. On behalf of my colleagues in government, and your fellow Albertans, thank you for your part in making Alberta stronger.”

60’s a Go-Go Exhibition

A fun look at TV, cars and rock ’n roll in the 1960s
was the 1997/98 feature exhibition at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin.

The project team responsible for the exhibition demonstrated the uniqueness of the display:
·by selecting an exhibition theme based on visitors service responses;
·by developing entirely new type of exhibition for the museum, one that explored social history themes through ‘memory triggers’;
·by mounting a major, interactive, artifact-based display;
·by developing numerous public programs activities, lectures and theme-related special events;
·by reaching into the community and encouraging new partnerships and sponsorships.

During the process, the team developed a climate that encouraged free and open discussion, full membership participation, continuous improvement and ongoing learning. As a result, many creative solutions emerged and the team achieved synergy. The team created an exciting vision and used sound business processes to reach, develop, deliver, evaluate and document its activities so learning could be passed on to others.

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