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1997 Premier's Award of Excellence
Motorcycles forever Exhibition

1997 Premier’s Award of Excellence - Silver

This annual award honours Alberta government employees who are demonstrating superior customer service and business practices, and who are building a supportive work environment. This continuous improvement effort exemplifies how Alberta’s Public Service uses ingenuity, initiative, and commitment in meeting the needs of Albertans.

The Motorcycles Forever Exhibition

the 1996 feature exhibition at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin.

Throughout the summer of 1996, the Reynolds-Alberta Museum (RAM) celebrated the history, engineering, genius, and passion for motorcycles by putting on the most ambitious motorcycle exhibition ever organized by public museum in Canada.
Aptly named Motorcycles Forever, the exhibition is a chronological display of motorcycles representing the period 1900 to 1975.More than 50 Canadian collectors and enthusiasts have loaned their prized machines for this show.
This special for-month exhibition had something for everybody: motorcycles from 14 countries, more than 50 different makes, a broad range of technologies, classic bikes, competition bikes, three-wheelers, scooters, and so on. Of course, the exhibit had all the big names’ of the motorcycle world but also has many that are not so common.

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