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"PORTO RUDE 2". 1977. Júlio Resende.

These are two fundamental bedrocks of the 3rd Biennial Cupertino de Miranda Foundation in Lamego. The theme presented to me by the then Chairman was: Goodbye to the Escudo, the Portuguese in Portugal, in Europe and with the Euro, in an attempt to reflect over the purposes of the changes that are being undertaken in the mentality and behaviour of the Portuguese. Even so the means and perspectives that were put to the city and the region seemed to me and seem rare in the sense of being a moment to present an idea that can today be understood as art in the context of a contemporary approach in this museum and in the context of national and international interest. Despite everything, the scope is restricted to Portugal and the opportunity is for the City owing to the generous initiative from the Foundation. 1 - Therefore we are to propose the presentation of the Masters of Ferreirim that have always been paintings that have fascinated me, which I always carry with me in my memory and which, being among the most important of 16th century Portuguese paintings, are unknown to the majority of the Portuguese population and have never been studied. For this purpose I invited Dr Dalila Rodrigues to commission over the aforementioned nucleus of the Biennial. 2 - Knowing that the vaults of the museum contained a collection of African art from the Liceu Nacional de Latino Coelho collection, I invited the anthropologist Dr Eglantina Monteiro to visit and select from amongst the pieces of the collection, those that had most interest for the Exhibition. Three "Kongo birettas" were thus selected, which will be treated video-graphically by the plastic artist Teresa Carrington and which will be shown in a room designed for the purpose named Journeys from the Soul. 3 - For the inter-relating of all these exhibits in continuous rooms and meticulously chosen, I will present pieces from very recent times by some of the most renowned Portuguese plastic artists such as Júlio Resende, Fernando Lanhas, José de Guimarães, Rui Sanches and myself in approaches to identity and reflection on cultures looked upon from the East, the West, the South and the North. 4 - Finally I invited 4 plastic artists of recognised national interest from the most recent generation at the end of the 1990s to think up the exhibits on the proposed theme and who will respond in the most surprising way possible. They are: Cláudia Ulisses, Joana Rego, António de Sousa e Leonel Cunha. Francisco Laranjo

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