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Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame

Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
Fact Sheet

1. There are 183 men, women and organizations elected to Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame.

2. There are 42 living Members. The oldest is Ernie Boffa who was born 1904 and the youngest is Rosella Bjornson who was born in 1948.

3. There are 6 women elected to the Hall of Fame - Molly Reilly, Helen Bristol, Marion Orr, Rosella Bjornson, Elsie MacGill and Vera Dowling.

4. The Hall was established in 1973.

5. The Hall moved to the Reynolds-Alberta Museum (RAM) in 1992. Before then, it was located at the Convention Center, in Edmonton. The Hall has an operating agreement with the Province of Alberta and is an entirely independent, registered, incorporated, not-for-profit charity.

6. The Hall is funded by public donation and receives no provincial or federal government monies other than grants that we apply for, like any other charitable organization.

7. 1 to 5 Members are inducted annually, and inductions can be posthumous. The Hall also presents the Belt of Orion Award for Excellence to groups or organizations that contribute to the advancement of aviation in Canada. It is not necessarily awarded every year.

8. Induction ceremonies are held in a different Canadian city in May or June of each year.

9. The Hall of Fame is governed by a National Board of Directors. There is an Alberta-based Operating Committee that deals with the day-to-day operations of the Hall. Kerri Button is the Curator/Administrator. Careen Schamber is the Office Assistant.

10. To "get into" the Hall of Fame a person must be nominated. Nomination forms and guidelines can be requested from the Hall office. A Nominating Review Committee reviews all of the nominations on file every year and makes a short list of 10 nominees. This short list is presented to the National Board of Directors at their fall meeting, usually in November, when they chose the Inductees for the next year.

11. The Hall produces a quarterly newsletter, The Flyer.

12. The Hall has an extensive resource and periodicals library and has archival and artifact collections, which consist mainly of personal memorabilia of those inducted into the Hall of Fame. All of the material in our collections is held in trust for the public and is available to researchers upon request. We loan parts of our collection to other museums and institutions upon request.

13. The Hall of Fame exhibits are housed in the hangar at RAM along with a collection of vintage aircraft. The office is in the main building at RAM. The collections are stored at a separate location near the airport hangars. The hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM We are closed on Mondays, except for holiday Mondays. Summer hours are extended. Tours and special aviation programs for school children are offered.

14. Visit our website at

Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
Box 6360 Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 1B2
Telephone 780-361-1351
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