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Adelaide H type cars Nos. 360, 362
Cars 360 in 1950s colour scheme and car 362 in 1929 scheme at St Kilda terminus

A broad gauge (5'3" - 1600mm) steam railway was opened between Adelaide and Glenelg in 1873. Proposals to electrify it in the early 1900s did not come to anything, but in 1927, it agreed to transfer the service to the Municipal Tramways Trust. The last steam train run by the South Australian Railways ran on April 2 1929. Thirty H type "interurban" cars (Nos. 351-380) were built for the line. They were 56 feet long and seating 64 passengers, with a crush load of 170 passengers. Fitted with GE PC5 control equipment and 4 x 60 hp motors, they had a balancing speed of 42 miles per hour. For a time, they operated in peak hours in triple sets, but from 1935, only coupled cars have been allowed. As of 2002, twenty cars, including one used as a restaurant car, were still in use. They were converted to pantograph power collection in 1986. Five were converted to chopper control in 2001. Cars 360 and 362 became surplus in 1979 and were transferred to the Museum. Car 360 has been returned to its original 1929 appearance, while 362 is in a colour scheme used from 1952 to 1973.

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