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Imperial War Museum
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Visually impaired

Access to the building: Main entrance 50m from the road on a tarmac path through the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park. + 9 +1 +3 steps leading to the ground floor. From the front of the building, alternative level access via a tarmac path to the right and down the side of the building, 50m, which allows lift/ramp access to all areas of the building via the lower ground floor. Magnifying Sheets: Visitors who find it difficult to read the captions and documents in the museum can obtain these special sheets from Reception and Enquiries. Place them approximately 2cm above the wording and look through to see the text magnified. Large Print Captions: For some of our special exhibitions we have produced a copy of the captions in large print. Please ask at Reception and Enquiries. Sound Guides: Holocaust Exhibition - special sound guides are available upon request at Reception and Enquiries. Included in the tour is special access to boxes containing replica exhibits for handling. Guide dogs welcome.

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