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The Bible from Bucharest (1688)

At about 45 years since its foundation, The Museum of Romanian Literature owns an important patrimonial heritage, made up of 300.000 objects: manuscripts, correspondence, official papers, iconographical and memorial objects, works of art and a number of 100.000 volumes (Romanian rare old books, rare books and periodical publications). The three hundred collections constituted in the archive of the museum reveal not only the universe of the writers’ lives, but also the universe of their literary works. Among these the most distinguished ones are the collections of the classical writers such as: M. Eminescu, Ion Creanga, I.L. Caragiale, Titu Maiorescu, I. Slavici, Al. Macedonski, G. Cosbuc or the collections of the writers between the two World Wars: Liviu Rebreanu, L. Blaga, Ion Barbu, Camil Petrescu, H.P. Bengescu, G. Bacovia, M. sadoveanu, Tudor Vianu, Pompiliu Constantinescu, Ion Trivale, V.Voiculescu. The most valuable collections are: 1. Vasile Alecsandri’s notebook Pastels with the author’s dedication to Carmen Sylva. 2. I.L. Caragiale’s manuscript of his comedy Titirca Sotirescu et Co. and his correspondence with Paul Zarifopol. 3. Mihai Eminescu’s manuscript of his poem To the star and his correspondence with Titu Maiorescu from his Berlin years. 4. Ioan Slavici – manuscripts, pages of his short stories. 5. Titu Maiorescu’s manuscript of his work Daily Notes. 6. Al. Macedonski’s manuscript of his works: Poem of rondel and Thalassa. 7. M. Sadoveanu – the complete manuscripts of his historical novels, his short stories and newspaper articles. 8. L. Rebreanu – the manuscripts of his novels Adam and Eve, Amalgam and his correspondence with Emil Rebreanu. 9. V. Voiculescu – the manuscript of his poem The Last Imaginary Sonnets of Shakespeare and his prose writings. 10. Camil Petrescu – the manuscript of his play Balcescu, his research notebook for a screenplay, the play Mioara and his philosophical work – Doctrine of substance. 11. H.P. Bengescu – the manuscript of her novels Concerto Music of Bach fragments), The dress of the bride and The little girl. 12. Ion Barbu – the manuscript of his poem Second Play and the notebook Field glass. 13. Al. Philippide – the manuscripts of his poems and T. Arghezi – the manuscripts of his poems Tickets by parrot, volumes with dedication. 14. Lucian Blaga – the manuscripts of his poems, plays and philosophical works. The Museum of Romanian Literature has numerous acquisitions, among which we can mention the manuscripts, the correspondence and the official papers of some exiled writers such as: Mirecea eliade, Stefan Baciu, Eugen Ionescu, Emil Cioran, Horia Vintila. The archive of the institution includes also important manuscripts of some playwrights among which there are: Al. Kiritescu, Al. Davila, Tudor Musatescu, Mircea Stefanescu, Aurel Baranga, Mihail Sorbul. The literary criticism is represented by the manuscripts belonging to the most valuable critics, such as: G. Calinescu, D.P. Perpessicius, Tudor Vianu, Pompiliu Constantinescu, Serban Cioculescu. The museum shelters a room named The Sanctuary of Books, where the documents, the rare books (with annotations and dedications), the writers’ collections of books are stored, preserved and also exhibited. That is why The Museum of Romanian Literature is considered a valuable institution on the background of Bucharest cultural life. The oldest and most valuable volumes in the archive of the museum are: · Varlaam, Cazania or The Romanian Book of Teaching (1643). · Simion Stefan, The New Testament (1648). · Dosoftei, The Psaltire in Rhymes (1673). · Serban Cantacuzino, The Bible of Bucharest (1688). · Dimitrie Cantemir, History of the Growth and the diminutions of the Ottoman Empire (1745). · Antioh Cantemir, Satyres, Londra (1750). · The Greek Grammar, translated in Russian, Sank Petersburg (1788). · Law of Caragea Voda (1818). · Luther’s Bible, illustrated by Gustave Dore.

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