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Permanent exhibition - Room C - THE GREAT CLASSICS

The specialists of the department organizes: 1. Permanent exhibitions: 1958 - the first permanent exhibition - Images from Romanian literature; 1972 - the second permanent exhibition, structured in 12 exposition halls, monographic representing whole Romanian literature, with the best-known authors and his basic moments. Organized after scientific principles of the literary history and museology, exhibition was visited, in those 20 years, of 5 million peoples, until 1991, when was disintegrated, because of the beginning of the strengthen and restoration works of the museum building. New (permanent) exhibition in way of achievement. Turning to good account the literary exhibitions means to know very well and to transmit the message of a manuscript text by the help of the exhibition objects. Being the owner of a numerous archive, The Museum of Romanian Literature has used the method of temporary and itinerant exhibitions in order to make the public familiar with those pieces of its patrimony, which were deposited in the storehouse of the museum and claimed their right to enter the circuit of national values. The literary exhibitions are conceived as a monograph and they mark the celebration of the writer’s personality or they group together moments of literary life around important literary themes. The literary exhibitions reconstruct the history of the creation of a literary work out of documentary tokens. The Museum of Romanian Literature has organized almost one thousand and six hundred exhibitions since it opened its gates to the public. We can mention some of the temporary exhibitions and some of the exhibitions that went abroad: 2. Temporally exhibitions in country: · Independence is the sum of our historical life (the title is borrowed from a political article signed by Mihai Eminescu); · Treasures of the literary patrimony of The Museum of Romanian Literature; · From the world of those who write – graphic projections; · An age seen by three contemporaries (Al.Vlahuta, Barbu Delavrancea, Duiliu Zamfirescu); · Classical values of universal literature in Romanian language; · Physician and writer – Writer and physician; · Urmuz and his contemporaries (exhibition which illustrates the vanguard literature); · Marin Preda – our contemporary; · Classical writers and the literature for children; · Lucian Blaga – creation and destiny; 3. Itinerant exhibitions displayed abroad: · Eminescu – national poet – in Prague, Berlin, Weimar, Vienna, New York and Dusseldorf; · Ion Luca Caragiale – the playwright – in Wiemar, Warsaw, Lodz; · Tudor Arghezi – the poet – in Rome, New York, Wiemar; · Mihail Sadoveanu and the source of his work – in Rome; · Panait Istrati – for the land to be loved – in Menton, Tunis, Vouvry.

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